Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

Your vehicle is an extremely complicated machine. Any number of parts can malfunction specifically in relation to the engine. In this society everyone relies so heavily on their vehicles for work and recreation, any unexpected breakdown can spell disaster so keep your eye out for these signs your car needs engine repair.

Warning lights

Warning lights can signify problems that range from the relatively minor to very serious. Ignoring the light will only lead to greater problems.

Tapping, Clicking, Clunking Sounds

When your engine starts making loud and unfamiliar noises, this could be a sign of significant engine problems. Clunking sounds may indicate loose or broken parts, popping noises might signify premature detonation of fuel in the combustion chamber, and grinding might mean trouble with transmission.

Jerking, Surging, Stalling

Driving should be smooth and free of lurching and stalling. If your vehicle is responding strangely, it’s a pretty strong sign that you have engine problems.

Bad or Unusual Smells

Sometimes it might be something as minor as worn or loose belts, even bad fuel. At other times it could be exhaust that contains dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. As the driver, don’t take any chances. A qualified technician will know what to look for and how to fix the issue.

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