Extend The Life of Your Engine

Extend The Life of Your Engine

1. Adhere to Your Car’s Service Schedule

Engines are designed to last, but they need the support of regular maintenance to live up to this promise. Follow the guidelines laid out in your car’s owner’s manual for things like oil changes and air filter replacement. Also don’t forget about having a professional inspect the coolant, radiator hoses, battery, spark plugs, spark-plug wires and timing belt.

2. Fix Minor Engine Problems Promptly

Small engine problems can quickly become big ones if they aren’t addressed in a timely way. Staying on top of this requires you to pay attention to your car’s engine. Keep a close eye on its performance. If your vehicle’s engine makes unusual sounds or is slow to turn over, take the car in so the engine can be evaluated by a mechanic.

3. Clean Your Car’s Engine Once a Year

Dirt and grime can cause an engine to run hot, and the extra wear that this produces can reduce the engine’s life span. Also, if the engine is clean, it makes it much easier to identify problems such as leaks. The easiest way to keep your used car’s engine free of grime is to have it professionally steam cleaned. Ideally, this should be done annually.

4. Allow Enough Time for the Engine to Warm Up in Cold Weather

Cold weather is hard on your car’s engine. Your car’s battery carries a lower charge when the the temperature drops, and this means more energy is required to start the engine. Not only this but, cold weather causes the engine’s oil to become thick and sluggish, and this makes it more difficult for the engine to perform at it’s best.

5. Drive Less and Avoid Short Trips, but Drive Your Car at Least Once a Week

The less you drive your car, the longer its engine will last. Cold starts can be particularly hard on your vehicle’s engine. Condensation gathers in your car’s exhaust when a cold engine is started, and if the engine doesn’t run long enough for this to evaporate, water can gather in the muffler and cause rust.

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