• 20% Discount for Uber Drivers

    20% Discount for Uber Drivers

    Morris Automotive is offering a 20% discount for Uber Drivers – for reliable fuel efficient service, we’ll keep you on the road. Being an Uber driver is a great way to make a living, however, the running costs of your vehicle can mean the difference between making wages. Or really making a profit. And, there’s

  • More Common Brake Problems
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    More Common Brake Problems

    SCRAPING NOISE Usually indicates metal‐to‐metal contact and the need for a long overdue brake job. Drum and rotor replacements will likely be needed in addition to new linings and brake hardware. Some disc pads have wear indicator warnings fitted which give out a screeching sound. This means the brakes need immediate attention.   SQUEALS Commonly

  • Common Brake Problems
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    Common Brake Problems

    Here we’ve compiled a list of common brake problems in which you may not be aware of… if you think your car is experiencing one of these issues give us a call today! LOW BRAKE FLUID Usually indicates a leak in the brake system which poses a serious safety hazard. The callipers, wheel cylinders, brake

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